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Round-up Your Salaries

Round-Up enables the public to donate automatically, effectively and simply, on a monthly basis, via their paychecks. Embedding Round-Up into the salary system for interested employees enables them to "round" their salaries down to 5\10\20 NIS, with the rounded sum donated to charities close to the employee's heart. The employee chooses up to 3 donation destinations.


Round-up of Salaries enables organizations and companies to offer their employees a platform to round down their monthly net pay and donate the difference to a cause close to their hearts.

Rounding is done using a technological development in the salary systems of Hilan, Hargal, Hashavim and Malam, whereby each month, employees can donate a few shekels from their net salary.

How does it work?

Employees who wish to join the project can choose to round their monthly salary down to the next 5, 10 or 20 shekels, and donate the difference to their chosen charity.

For example, if the net pay is NIS 8,436.70 NIS:

  • Rounded down to the nearest NIS 5 – net pay is NIS 8,435, donation NIS 1.70
  • Rounded down to the nearest NIS 10 – net pay is NIS 8,430, donation NIS 6.70
  • Rounded down to the nearest NIS 20 – net pay is NIS 8,420, donation NIS 16.70

Today, over 50 leading companies are members of the Round-up of Salaries project, empowering their employees with the opportunity to make a difference easily and according to their personal preferences. Some companies also match their employees’ donations.

For further details or to join the program, contact: [email protected]

Rounding Companies

איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר

איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר
איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר

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