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Amit Carmeli
Donates to Holocaust Survivors
Ketty Ben Zaken
Donates to People with Cancer
Iginso Meir
Donates to People with Disabilities
Eli Miara
Donates to Welfare and Employment
Gilad and Taly Eitan
Donates to Youth at Risk
Bar Tzayeg
Donates to Animals
Wesam Kaskosh
Donates to People with Disabilities

Small Change
Great Impact

Every time you charge your credit card, the amount is rounded up to the nearest shekel, and the remaining Agorot are donated to charities of your choice.


For example: When you buy something for NIS 9.80, you pay NIS 10 and donate 20 agorot.


An average monthly donation of 5 shekels!

Choose what is important to you

Round-Up has a network of approx. 255 charities that are divided into 10 different social arenas.

Each of the charities undergoes a strict vetting process to ensure proper management, social benefit, transparency and effectiveness.

All you have to do is choose where you want to make a difference.

Full list of charities (HE)
Only 5 Average Month Donation
that make an enormous impact
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Our Partners in Success

Full List of Our Partners

איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר

איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר
איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר

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