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Public Committee

The Round-up Public Committee is an independent body that builds, shapes, maintains and develops the list of charities which benefit from Round-up donations.

The Committee considers ethical values, public issues and moral considerations to ensure a high quality list of organizations, based on criteria of full transparency.  Round-Up’s approved list represents the wide range of social issues that engage the public, so that every “Rounder” can find a target that is meaningful to him or her.

The Committee consists of well-known experts who volunteer from the fields of law, ethics, and civil society. Its members are selected by the Board of Directors and each individual is committed to acting with integrity, objectivity and social sensitivity, and to using their best professional judgement.

The Committee’s decisions regarding the charities included in the Round-up list are binding in every way.  Among other things, the Committee outlines the activity of the Board of Directors on all the following matters:

  1. Making policy regarding the nature, number, and mix of organizations that join the Round-up service
  2. The range of fields and charities available to donors
  3. Criteria, prerequisite, documentation and vetting for adding associations to the Round-up list
  4. Removing a charity from the list
  5. The appeals procedure


Committee Members in 2019

  1. Former Vice President of the Supreme Court of Israel, Elyakim Rubinstein - Chairman
  2. Orna Lyn
  3. Ayelet Navon
  4. Kher Albaz
  5. Ronen Barel
  6. Professor Yishai Bar
  7. Professor Leah Ahdut
  8. Professor Moshe Halbertal

איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר

איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר
איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר

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