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How can an NPO Join Us?

NPOs interested in joining Round Up must meet a number of prerequisite standards and be approved by its Public Committee.

The committee considers new NPO members once a year at a meeting generally held in December.

The main criteria examined by the committee are:

‘Midot Seal of effectiveness’, financial scope and stability, number of benefactors, geographical outreach, years of operation, and the social arena in which the NPO operates.

The following prerequisites are necessary for NPOs before consideration by the Public Committee:

  1. Valid Certificate of Proper Management.
  2. Income Tax certification as an institution recognized for charitable purposes (Clause 46a of the Income Tax Law).
  3. Valid Seal of Effectivity.*

* All NPOs must pass the effectivity test by Midot, an NPO for rating NPO effectivity, and must hold a valid Seal of Effectivity from Midot. The procedure is conducted directly with Midot. For information and further details about the process, press here. (You can also contact Midot directly by telephone: 03-5373363.)

NPOs which meet the prerequisites for joining Round Up will be brought before the Public Committee for discussion.

Following are a number of guidelines set by the Public Committee:

The list of NPOs affiliated with Round Up will not represent:

  • General hospitals.
  • Institutions of higher education.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Professional/vocational associations.
  • Sectoral NPOs for specific interest groups.
  • Local/municipal NPOs
  • Research and award-granting institutes.
  • Pre-military prep programs [mechinot].
  • Youth Movements.



NPOs which are part of national umbrella organizations will not be included in the list of Round Up grantees. Only the umbrella organization can be a benefactor.

The span of the NPOs annual activity must exceed NIS 500,000 (without in-kind donations). Organizations with a lower budget will not be accepted.


NPOs seeking to become benefactors of Round Up are kindly requested to contact us no later than October-November in a given year. However, please note, it is advisable to begin the process with Midot in June.

איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר

איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר
איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר

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