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Round-up International

Round-up is part of an international venture called Round-up International which was founded as a social movement in which people could bring about unprecedented positive social change.

The initiative was started by Ray Taylor, a British social entrepreneur, and it has members from a wide variety of backgrounds but with shared values and goals.

A group of Israeli business people, led by Orni Petruschka, joined forces with the British proposer of the rounding-up mechanism to make Israel the first country in the world that implemented the idea.

Israel was chosen as the global pioneer for the mechanism and today, it is a leading professional entity and center of knowledge for similar ventures around the world. The success of the venture in Israel proved that the State of Israel is not only a start-up nation, but also a social impact nation.

איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר

איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר
איזה כיף! החלטת לעגל לטובה. התהליך פשוט וקצר

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